At this point, we’ve watched the Great Oscars Disaster of 2017 When They Announced La La Land as Best Picture Winner When It Was Really Moonlight approximately eight gazillion times. Each watch, we focus on a different face. (We’re always eyeballing Warren Beatty, but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are great faces to focus on as well.) With each new viewing, we come up with another tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theory. (Lizard people rigged the Oscars, yes, the same lizard people that are hiding under the Denver airport OBVIOUSLY.)

Well, now we have Warren Beatty stepping forward to set (at least part of) the record straight.

Beatty recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show to explain what was going on in his mind during “the TV moment of the year… decade…century.” As Beatty explains:

Graham Norton then posits that it looked like Beatty handed the envelope off the his co-presenter Faye Dunaway to let her deal with the madness. And Warren Beatty 100% rejects this idea.

Beatty goes on to defend Faye Dunaway’s decision to announce La La Land as the Best Picture winner.

And Beatty, ever the awesome Hollywood showman, ended his segment with a great Tinseltown zinger. When Norton imagines that the snafu was “all anyone could talk about” that night, Beatty hilariously corrects him.

Watch the vid below!

Mr. Beatty, you are a straight-up class act.