Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 15, 2016 @ 12:37 pm
A WALK TO REMEMBER, Mandy Moore, Shane West, 2002 (c) Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection.

Slow your roll, readers. We’re not talking about another A Walk to Remember movie (that wouldn’t even be possible, right?), but we ARE talking about the equally exciting reunion hang out between Mandy Moore and Shane West.

Credit: Warner Bros/

In an interview with People, Mandy Moore disclosed that she and Shane West recently got back in touch, and are talking about hanging out in the near future.

Credit: NBC/

We’re pretty excited about this potential meet-up and all of the nostalgia it’ll bring. We’re also excited that both Mandy Moore and Shane West are pretty busy lately, and so we’re sure they had lots to talk about when they reconnected.

Mandy Moore will be a part of the upcoming show This is Us (from the writer of Tangled and Galavant, sign us up RIGHT NOW), which already has a wildly popular trailer and hasn’t even aired yet. Meanwhile, Shane West has been co-starring on WGN’s Salem, a suuuuper fun period piece about the Salem Witch Trials.


Of course, People also asked what we all wanted to know the minute we found out a reunion is imminent — will there be PICTURES?

The answer is — thankfully — yes! And even better, the reunion won’t just be between she and Shane West, but as much of the cast as they can gather.