It Comes At Night
Credit: A24

If you’re feeling like the actual world is a scary place right now, maybe you’re interested in some escapism through movies. If that’s the case, you might want to steer clear of It Comes At Night, a horror film that’s brought out some intense debate on Twitter — because, of course!

Credit: A24

There are so many mixed, but very strong, feelings about the film. From being terrified and shocked to saying it’s the worst movie ever, this film seems to be pretty divisive. Here’s a quick summary of what it’s about:

Ok, so now let’s check in on the very intense Twitter discussions about the film because no one can seem to agree on anything. Some people seem to think it’s a great horror film… false

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…while others feel almost exactly the opposite and aren’t afraid to tell everyone about it. false

So the reviews are…mixed. If you’re intrigued, watch the trailer (if you dare).

And check out It Comes At Night (in theaters) so you too can jump in on the Twitter conversation.