Disney princes are, on average, pretty boring. They can dance with a girl all night, but can’t even remember one distinctive feature about her, they’ve been known to fall in love with unconscious teenagers, and will ditch a speechless, traumatized girl in a second for a hot brunette with a better singing voice. Charmers, all of them. (Okay, so some of them have their good qualities, too, but we can’t completely ignore these character flaws.)

If you’ve ever thought that some of our favorite childhood princesses would be much better off without their lamer halves, the Internet is here to make your lady-loving dreams come true. Tumblr artist simonbaz has created a series of story GIFs that imagine an alternate universe where Disney princesses fall for each other, rather than those hastily-sketched types with the billowing shirts and chiseled jawlines.

The artist added adorable backstories to some of the pairings, imagining how the two would meet and fall for each other.

Good point — everyone does love Mulan. Just not as much as Belle does, apparently.

For the Nani/Ariel pairing, the artist imagines that Atlantica is near Hawaii. Nani spends most of her time surfing, and one day Ariel spots her while swimming near the shore. She’s smitten, and makes a point to pass by every day and watch the enchanting human surfer from behind a rock, but never gets close enough to talk to her. Finally, one day her chance comes — Nani gets a leg cramp mid-wave and falls off her surfboard. As she starts to sink, Ariel dives under and carries her back to shore. As Nani recovers, the two stare into each other’s eyes. From that day on, they build a friendship and fall in love, and eventually Ariel makes a deal with the Sea Witch to trade her voice for a pair of legs so she can be with her One True Love. Ariel still needs a kiss from her love to seal the deal, but unlike in the movie, that takes all of 10 minutes, since Nani kisses her as soon as she sees her on shore. Better luck next time, Ursula!

There are more backstories for other couples, like Meg and Esmeralda, while some of the other pairings don’t have any official stories right now — but you can use your imagination to come up with one of your own! (Images via Tumblr and Disney.)