Credit: Paramount Pictures

There’s been lots of buzz about Scarlett Johansson’s new movie, so when we heard that the first Ghost in the Shell trailer was finally out, we were curious.

After all, a lot of that buzz was controversy surrounding Ghost thanks to Scarlett’s casting.

The flick is a live-action action movie adapted from a manga with the same name. So its source material (and main character) is Japanese.

Despite backlash about whitewashing in Hollywood, Director Rupert Sanders defended the move.

Without question, ScarJo is an amazing actress, and according to Sanders she was truly the best fit for the role.

With the trailer out, now it’s up to fans to decide what they think.

The video starts with an introduction from Scarlett herself before the sneak peek into the action-packed movie. There’s no doubt it seems intense, full of thrills and mystery. Plus, of course, there’s the introspection that comes with an android questioning their very being.

It’s clear that Johansson is giving the role her all — and it’s totally paying off.

She’s mesmorising as The Major, and her performance knocks it out of the park. The best for the role or not, she’s definitely amazing… and we’re interested in seeing more.