Credit: Universal Pictures/Focus Features

Have you ever read a horror novel that was so good, it haunted you a bit after you finished reading it? Sometimes books are so vivid, that we feel like we’re truly present in the world that the author has created. This eerie feeling is explored in the upcoming film Nocturnal Animals, and we can’t wait to see it. Even better — the film stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, both who have made some incredible films prior.

Luckily, the trailer was just released, and it looks amazing.

Adams plays Susan Morrow, a woman who divorces her husband after doing “something horrible” to him. Her ex then sends her a book he’s written, which includes a lot of violence and sadness. Even worse, the book is dedicated to Susan — his personal “nocturnal animal”.

The movie, written and directed by Tom Ford, will be a “story within a story” — and it’s bound to be super dark, and incredibly interesting. The film will be released nationwide on December 9th. We might need to see this one opening night.