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Emma Roberts is in a new film and the trailer will give you chills. The Scream Queens and American Horror Story star is taking her horror experience to a new film by Director Osgood Perkins called The Blackcoat’s Daughter. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival way back in 2015 but just recently got a release date. And now, a super intense trailer for the film was released. There’s something extra eerie about calm music during a horror trailer.

Still not sure what The Blackcoat’s Daughter is about? Well, here’s a quick summary:

Kat, played by Mad Men‘s queen Kiernan Shipka and Rose, played by Sing Street‘s talented Lucy Boynton, are just two normal girls who spend winter break at their prep school when their parents don’t pick them up for some reason. Already, this sounds like a nightmare honestly.

Credit: A24

Anyway, creepy things are going down at the school but Joan, played by Emma Roberts, is trying to get there as fast as she can. And the closer she gets, the crazier visions Kat experiences and “she slips further and further into the grasp of an unseen evil force”.

Credit: A24

Why is Joan is a hurry to get to the school? Are any of these girls not who they seem? Apparently, those who have seen the film already seem to enjoy it — well, as much as you can at least.

So The Blackcoat’s Daughter isn’t a feel-good movie if that’s what you’re looking for. Judging by the trailer, there are plenty of horrifying moments. Blood in snow is never something you want to stumble upon!

Credit: A24

Stay safe and make sure to bring a buddy to this new horror film when it hits theaters March 31 and or on DirecTV beginning February 16.