Credit: Marvel/Disney

Tom Holland, the painfully handsome young Brit playing Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War, went to great lengths to ward off spoilers.

In a grand gesture, proving his allegiance to Marvel Studios, Holland posted an Instagram video in which he tosses his script into the fire.

Despite the formal tone of the video, apropos to the task at hand, we find it quite hilarious that Holland, the proper chap, forgot to turn in his script to the studio heads. We can only assume his own head was on the line for his negligence. Listen, he’s out there Spider-manning it up. Webbing criminals, kissing ladies upside-down, it’s understandable.

But worry not: He tosses his script into a nearby wood burning stove.

Because of course Tom Holland has a wood burning stove: he’s British.

And with that, Marvel called off the secret service standing outside Holland’s door, ready to cart him away for class A IP theft.

Thankfully, Holland retains his place betwixt Iron Man and Star-Lord.

Despite Marvel’s gag order on all things Infinity War, the studio released a teaser video from the set earlier in February.

They do care about their fans, even if their ironclad NDA’s cause actors to resort to burning scripts. You, Tom Holland, remain a gentleman and …well, a scholar wouldn’t burn writing, but you know what we mean.