Know how when you get a package, sometimes you’re so excited to open it up and play with whatever’s inside, you totally forget that there’s a giant sign on the front that reads CONFIDENTIAL? So maybe the last part hasn’t happened to you recently, but it just happened to Tom Holland. The Spider-Man actor received a package, got so excited he opened it up, and then accidentally revealed the contents inside to Instagram Live — and it just happened to be the brand new Avengers: Infinity War poster.

…and it was the brand new Avengers: Infinity War poster he wasn’t supposed to share, and especially not share on Instagram Live to his thousands of followers. Whoops.

But, that’s exactly what went down on Tuesday. Ahead of the brand new Infinity War trailer, Marvel revealed the new, sleek, black poster. While it would have eventually have made it online, Holland sped up the process by 500x, when he literally shared the image on Instagram Live.

As Holland explains to his audience, he’s just received a package from a one Mr. Mark Ruffalo, and he’s going to open it. What could it be?

“Whoa, that’s dope,” Holland explains, showing off the poster…and then he reads the card included with the package, which happens to include the big, bold letters: DO NOT SHARE, CONFIDENTIAL.

There’s actually a deeper joke in this, more than just Holland showing off something he’s not supposed to. You see, between Holland and Ruffalo, they’ve actually spoiled a lot of stuff. Holland let it slip that there will be multiple forthcoming Spider-Man movies; Ruffalo accidentally Instagram Live’ed the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok at the film’s premiere. Science Bros? No, more like Spoiler Bros.

Holland has since apologized for spoiling this, and Sebastian Stan’s official comment on the matter is:

Credit: Instagram

Hey, it happens to the best of us, and that includes Peter Parker.