Thea Glassman
Updated Jul 26, 2017 @ 4:14 pm

Tom Hardy has quite a knack for tackling meaty, dramatic roles — and his upcoming film My War Gone By, I Miss It So looks to be no exception.

Per Variety, Hardy will star in the adaptation of war correspondent Anthony Loyd’s memoir, which recounts his time covering the Bosnian War, serving in the British army, and his addiction to heroin.

Hardy, who is also set to produce the film, said Loyd’s book really resonated with him, and he felt it was a crucial story to tell.

The book sounds incredibly intriguing — and Gavin O’Connor, who is set to direct the film, called it “a portrait of war like [he’d] never read before.”

“Anthony’s memoir was love at first page.” O’Connor said. “An up-close-and-personal account of a heroin junkie reporting from the front lines of Bosnia — the bloodiest conflict Europe has witnessed since the Second World War — who uses the high of war to kick his drug habit. It’s a book written with both fists.”

It’s also exactly the sort of role we can see Hardy playing, especially after his recent turn in the epic war drama Dunkirk. Hardy is so good at the work he does, that Christopher Nolan, who directed the actor in Dunkirk and The Dark Knight Rises, quipped that you can cover his face for the whole duration of a movie and it still wouldn’t matter.

But actually. See here…

And here…

We’re totally here for any and all Tom Hardy movies — with or without his face covered.