Toria Sheffield
Updated Dec 18, 2017 @ 4:43 pm

In news that makes us question everything we know about the world, we just heard that Tom Hanks’s younger brother voices Woody from Toy Storysometimes. Basically, as Hanks explained in an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Toy Story requires so much merchandising and promo work that it would essentially take up all of his time — so he outsources a lot of the work to his brother, Jim, who does a spot-on Tom Hanks impression.

This means that a lot of the time, when you think you’re hearing Tom Hanks — say, in a Toy Story video game — you very well might be hearing Jim Hanks.

It’s pretty unbelievable. Here’s a video of Jim in action:

Mind-blowing, right? Here’s Tom Hanks talking about the set-up on The Graham Norton Show:

As disconcerting as this initially seems, it also makes sense. If you happened to have someone in your family who could mimic your voice exactly, and your voice was also in super high demand for a Pixar mega-franchise, you’d probably share the wealth, too. And we have a feeling many A-listers wish they had a voice-over doppelgänger to fill in for them in times of need.

Plus, it frees up Tom to work on his many other projects. You know, like tweeting about lost items he finds on the street.

In arguably more serious endeavors, Hanks will be starring alongside Meryl Streep in the Steven Spielberg-directed The Post about Kay Graham, the first female publisher of The Washington Post and the editor who helped her break the story of a generation.

Cheers to Tom — and to Jim — for making it all possible.