Steel your nerdy little hearts, Star Wars fans, because we’re about to tell you the cosplayer story to end all cosplayer stories.

Harley is a five-year-old Jyn Erso.

The young cosplayer attended the recent Star Wars celebration with a very Erso-like goal: To get a copy of the Death Star plans to every Princess Leia she saw.

With the help of her dad Dino, Harley completed Jyn’s mission over and over again. Note: She wasn’t just trying to get her Death Star plans datacards into one particularLeia’s hands. You did not have to be a white-dress, hair-buns rocking Leia to get a data card. (Though you certainly could be.)

No, for this pint-sized Jyn Erso, any Leia would do. And her dad posted the awesome photographic evidence to prove it.

The tiny cosplayer nailed a hand-off to all sorts of Leias. From The Empire Strikes Back “Visiting Cloud City” Leia to a Return of the Jedi “Deep in the jungles of Endor” Leia, Harley got plans to all of them.

She even made sure General Leia from The Force Awakens got the plans, despite the fact that she’d changed costumes for the day.


And Harley’s last stop was laying the plans at the feet of Leia’s ceremonial dress from A New Hope to pay tribute to the one, true Leia: Carrie Fisher.

This is the most we’ve ever cried over cosplaying! Good job, Little Jyn!