Kenya Foy
January 06, 2017 6:04 am
Mike Olbinski /

Rarely would we use the word “elegant” to describe a storm but that’s precisely what came to mind when we watched this time-lapse video of storms rolling across a plain. We’ve seen photos from storm chasers who snapped a tornado in formation or even unique bride and groom wedding photos that show how beautifully scary weather systems can be. But storm chaser and filmmaker Mike Olbinski’s Pulse is a black-and-white depiction of storms that will make you feel oddly emotional.

Of his time-lapse video, Olbinksi writes:

So, the cynic in you is probably wondering how a violent storm can make anyone feel anything but terror, but this film manages to successfully highlight a sort of poetic beauty that storms have and it will definitely take you through a gamut of emotions.

Wow. So, who else feels more in tune with nature? Alright, so it’s gonna take more than a beautifully cultivated series of storm clips before you’re happily snapping selfies in front of a tornado instead of heading for the nearest ditch. But there’s no denying the fact that Olbinski did an excellent job showing Mother Nature at her most captivating (and arguably, her scariest).

The ominous tone and the musical backdrop of Pulse almost has us ready to book a spot on one of Olbinski’s tornado chasing tours, but we have a feeling that we’ll be scared out of our minds and completely unable to focus on the low-hanging cloud that moves with the same fluidity as the bottom of a dancer’s skirt.