Sarah Terry
November 29, 2016 1:58 pm
Matthias Nareyek / Getty

Wands, magic, flying broomsticks — there’s so much to love about the wizarding world of the Harry Potter books and films. We can’t imagine what there isn’t to love about them. But one actress can. Tilda Swinton revealed that she dislikes Harry Potter, but it’s not for a reason you might expect.

Tilda Swinton grew up in the upper echelons of British society, and she had a lot of expectations impressed upon her. For many of us in the US, boarding school seems like a distant fantasy. But for someone who grew up like Tilda, they were very much a reality. And therein lies her problem with Hogwarts.

Tilda Swinton dislikes the Harry Potter franchise, because it romanticizes boarding schools.

We never thought of that, but we totally understand Tilda’s point. Tilda attended West Heath Girls’ School in Sevenoaks, Kent as a girl. Tilda doesn’t specify what specifically made her unhappy in boarding school, but we know there was no magic, so that’s no fun!

Looking to create an alternative to boarding schools, Tilda established her own independent school, Drumduam three years ago. It offers boarding to older students, but it’s not required. The school also emphasizes “art based practical learning,” rather than the strict curriculums at some boarding schools.

We can totally see why Tilda’s experience growing up in a boarding school might make Hogwarts less magical.

But while we still love Tilda, we also still love Harry Potter.