Rachel Paige
September 08, 2017 9:57 am

Here’s some good news: It’s actually possible to get even more excited for Thor: Ragnarok. The upcoming movie will be the third time we’ve hung out with Thor during a stand-alone adventure, and this is a Thor movie like we’ve never seen before — and not just because Thor now has a new ‘do. He’s a little bit sassier, clearly a lot stronger, and now he has to fight Jeff Goldblum.

Okay, technically Thor isn’t really going to battle Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster (but yes, if you’re asking, 100% would see that movie). Rather, Thor’s got to fight Grandmaster’s designated fighter, who happens to be Bruce “friend from work” Banner, aka The Hulk. As Goldblum’s wonderful, smooth voice booms at the beginning of the teaser, via a giant hologram, “it’s main event time.” Oh yes, just take our money. 


But this fight to the death (where clearly, neither one of them dies, sorry, spoiler alert) is only just the beginning of what goes down during Ragnarok. For starters, Hela the Goddess of Death has her eyes set on taking over Aagard, Loki is back and looks mischievous as ever, and Thor is fresh out of ideas to call his new “team.” Stop trying to make Rah-vengers happen, Thor.

Now come on, are you even remotely ready for the main event? Will you ever be able to fully handle Jeff Goldblum in blue eyeliner? Let alone the glorious return of Loki? Has Tessa Thompson already solidified herself as the most badass of Thor’s ragtag team? We’ll find out all this and more when Thor hits theaters on November 3rd.