Rachel Paige
March 08, 2017 12:18 pm

The God of Thunder we know and love is getting a makeover. Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly shared some brand new images from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, and in them, Thor looks a little bit different. Gone are his long flowing locks (that we’ve seen in not one, but four different Marvel movies…five if you count Doctor Strange). In their place, we’re treated to a shorter buzzcut — and not a haircut that lends itself easily to manbuns 😞.

Old Thor:


New Thor:


Both Thors are FINE, obviously, this one is just new and different. There’s nothing wrong with new and different! However, that’s not going to stop Twitter from pointing out this new and different look — and also unleashing a bunch of Thor-hair-puns, which is exactly what we needed today.

Some are, understandably, sad about this major hair change. Maybe it’s in direct correlation to Thor’s breakup with Jane Foster?

Others are thrilled with the new ‘do.

Also, need to mention that there are pictures of Thor on the Ragnarok set with long hair. This means at some point during the movie, Thor actually gets his hair cut. The Marvel movies continue to go in exciting new directions — like to the hair salon!

Well, sigh. We’ll miss you long-haired, Thor. At least we still have long-haired Loki. Don’t you dare take away his luscious locks, Marvel.