Sophy Ziss
Updated November 06, 2017 12:26 pm

Director Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok is a must-see for Marvel fans. The third entry in the Thor franchise paints the God of Thunder as a cheerful goober, a boundlessly happy puppy-slash-meathead who can summon full-body powers at will. It’s a zany delight, a wonderfully eccentric superhero film.

Adding to its outrageousness, Thor: Ragnarok snuck in some surprising cameos you may have missed the first time around. If you’re afraid of even the mildest spoiler, read no further!

Thor: Ragnarok was a reunion for more than one major franchise, as actors from Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park appeared throughout.

Obviously, stars Cate Blanchett and Karl Urban appeared as Galadriel and Eomer, respectively, in the Lord of the Rings series. And Jeff Goldblum, who plays Thor: Ragnarok‘s Grandmaster, appeared in Jurassic Park. But who else from Jurassic Park appeared in the Thor threequel? None other than Sam Neill, aka Dr. Alan Grant. Neill, a New Zealand actor, appears as an actor playing Odin early in the film.

In fact, the brief play-within-a-movie contains some of the film’s best surprises.

Once Thor returns to Asgard, he’s disgruntled to find a corny stage adaptation of Thor: The Dark World taking place. The audience only sees the tail end of the play, but it’s enough to sneak in a few more major cameos.

Sure, Neill as Odin is a treat. But did you catch Luke Hemsworth as Actor Thor? Oh, and yes: That’s Matt Damon as Loki. He’s pallid and bewigged, but unmistakably Damon.

So, if you see Waititi on the street, feel free to thank him for his unique (and sneaky) contributions to the MCU. He’s definitely earned it.