Credit: Marvel

Thor is back for the third installment of the stand-alone films starring Chris Hemsworth as the handsome and slightly aloof Avenger. And this time, Thor is sporting a short hair cut for a totally logical reason — it all makes sense after you learn the the plot of Thor: Ragnarok.

We won’t get to see more of The Avengers until 2018, but Thor and Hulk will be reunited in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film. Entertainment Weekly just released news on the plot of the upcoming film and according to director Taika Waititi, it seems like Chris Hemsworth is going to get to show more of his comedic chops this time:

We got a peek of comedic Thor in the teaser at the end of Doctor Strange, along with the Thor shorts about him and his roommate, Darryl. And in the newly released plot of the film, Doctor Strange himself is confirmed to make an appearance. So what else can we expect from the film?

Enter the Hulk — the gladiator! So he teams up with buddy Thor who becomes a Gladiator himself and must cut those signature locks of his. And that’s how the mystery of Thor’s short hair is solved. Maybe he’ll have time to take a break from fighting for a quick beer with Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange. One can only hope.

Credit: Marvel Studios

The film then apparently becomes a sort of “road trip” story and can you imagine Thor and Hulk taking a trip together?! Sounds like a blast! You can catch Thor: Ragnarok in theaters November 3rd!