Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 11, 2017 @ 4:41 pm

Do you ever feel like there’s maybe one too many controversies surrounding the armpits of superheroes? Yeah, same.

Roughly two weeks ago, the internet was all up in arms (sorry) because the latest trailer for Wonder Woman showed Wonder Woman with visibly smooth underarms. While Diana Prince is allowed to groom herself however she sees fit (she is an Amazonian Princess, after all) the internet was simply voicing their concern: Where does she get the time to shave, in-between keeping Batman and Superman in check?

And now, the second armpit kerfuffle of the year: Thor.

The latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok shows Thor’s pits, and while he’s got hair, he doesn’t have enough hair. Because sometimes, you just can’t please the internet. false

It does appear as if a lot of this outrage is all in good fun, because yes here we are in 2017 arguing about armpit hair of superheroes. It’s okay to stop and think to yourself, “how did we get here?” false

Shaved, not shaved, long hair, short hair, honestly, whatever Thor wants to do to his Norse god body, we’re going to let him do. Same goes for Wonder Woman. Same goes for everyone on the planet!! And, in this case, on Asgard, too.