Kenya Foy
September 20, 2016 1:49 pm
Universal Pictures

Apparently, bringing dinosaurs to the big screen is expensive AF (yes, even more costly than your student loan balance). We get it: Such a huge number is difficult to wrap your mind around, which is why we’re baffled by the insane rumors surrounding the budget for Jurassic World sequel.

Originally, multiple outlets reported that the movie’s director J. A. Bayona estimated the budget for the sequel at $260 million, which only surpasses the original film’s budget by a little more than a $100 million. But since those reports hit the web, they’ve been shot down by a source who says the Jurassic World sequel budget has yet to be finalized, but assured us that it’s nowhere in the vicinity of the aforementioned mind-boggling amount.


Obviously we have no way of knowing just how much cash filmmakers are really shelling out for the upcoming film, but if the next installment in the Jurassic trilogy actually does break the bank, we fully expect it to destroy more industry records than Jurassic World. No pressure at all, J.A. Bayona.

Also, if the Jurassic World sequel turns out to be some sort of unprecedented virtual reality masterpiece that magically transports us to the Mesozoic era along with Chris Pratt (insert finger gun and wink here), we’d be totally prepared to forgive them for making us wait another TWO YEARS to see the movie.