Toria Sheffield
December 28, 2016 9:46 am
Johan Nijenhuis & Co /YouTube

Okay everyone. Get ready for today’s dose of news you didn’t even know you needed: There’s going to be a Dutch Magic Mike movie, and we’re already scheming to get tickets.

Now in case you somehow missed it, Magic Mike (and its amazing sequel, Magic Mike XXL) is a franchise starring Channing Tatum about a ragtag team of professional male strippers trying to make ends meet. The first was a total breakaway success, and both movies essentially have a cult following at this point (which is why we were all totally devastated when we found out a Magic Mike 3 is likely never going to happen. Le sigh).

BUT MAGIC MIKE AFICIONADOS REJOICE! There’s now a chance to get our annual dose of cheesy male dancer fun with a foreign film about, well, basically the same thing. Take a look at this trailer (warning: it’s in Dutch and doesn’t have subtitles…but we have a feeling you’ll get the gist):

According to Cosmo, the title Onze Jongens translates to Our Boys, and is about a group of construction workers who realize that — while Europe is in economic crises — they can make a lot of extra money via stripping.

Hey, we never said the movie would be quality. We just said it exists.

Okay, we’re currently trying to track down how exactly one can procure/watch this movie. We’ll report back ASAP when we have this truly vital information.

Thank you so much, Cosmo, for bringing this gem to light!