Credit: YouTube/Paramount Pictures

While there’s been some (deserved) controversy surrounding the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie, we have to admit that the teasers look pretty intriguing.

Seriously, prepare to witness Johansson’s cyborg abilities at work in the latest one!

Now if you’ll remember, we were all about the first five, five-seond-long teasers from a little while back, and were definitely left with some major questions. And while we are kind of loving the newsest installment, we don’t exactly feel like we have absolutely any idea what’s going on (except we can confirm that ScarJo will be kicking some serious butt).

Check it out (simply titled “Tokyo).”

Did you just see that stunt?! The teaser was only 13 seconds, but we simply cannot wait to see Johansson bust some serious moves as a cyborg policewoman in March 2017!

Regardless of the casting situation, this is a bold and meaty role for Johansson to show us what she’s made of. We’re going to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt on this one, and just look forward to the movie. Which also stars Michael Pitt, so there’s even more reason to get excited.

BRB…watching that teaser again for obvious reasons.

H/T: Vulture