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Okay, this is just getting cruel. A NEW new Fifty Shades Darker trailer aired last night during ABC’s The Bachelor, and it provided us with yet a few more scraps of what’s to come in the actual film.

If you’ll remember, just yesterday we reported that an updated trailer aired on New Year’s Eve featuring Anastasia (played by the amazing Dakota Johnson) telling a friend that she’s “never been happier,” and also a shot of Ana’s car myseriously vandalized (though we can probably assume it has something to do with that super creepy girl that keeps popping up).

And last night’s extended two-minute trailer features a lot of what we’ve seen before, along with a distinctly more threatening and sinister tone when stuff starts getting REAL at about one minute, 30 seconds.

Did you see that? “All fairytales have a dark side.” Yikes!

We also hear a new line from creepy girl (“Tell me what you have that I don’t?”). Is it weird that we kinda feel bad for her? It seems like she’s dealing with some Grade A heartbreak! But, uh, we can’t really excuse the whole gun thing, so, maybe nevermind.

At any rate, we CAN’T WAIT to see the second installment of the franchise come February 10th. And we’re really not even a little bit sorry about it. Dakota Johnson is one of our favorite Hollywood ladies, plus she brings a strength, intelligence, and wit to the character that we love.