Summit Entertainment's "Twilight" World Premiere - Red Carpet
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When two stars in the universe collide there is a gorgeous supernova explosion, and when two celebrity stars collide there is a professionally posed photo opportunity. These are just facts of science, so when Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed reunited in all their vampire glory during the CFDA/Vogue Fund Fashion Show at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, there was destined to be a big bang of well-lit photos of the starlets.

Actress and singer-songwriter Reed, who Twilight fans know as Rosalie the vampire, was reunited with the lovestruck Bella, aka Stewart, while the two actresses supported emerging designers and mingled with fellow A-listers at the Vogue Fund Fashion Show — but we’re most interested in seeing them together once again.

It looks like Stewart is sticking to her business punk look while Reed sported a silk floral number.

We can only assume they searched for champagne flutes full of blood after this photo was taken.

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Of course even when reunited, the two of them had to be careful to conceal Rosalie’s taste for blood and Bella’s taste in men.

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The life of a vampire is far from easy, so it’s crucial to reunite with those who get you.

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Hopefully the fashion show provided a respite from their lives of craving blood and falling in love with emotionally manipulative vampires.