Gwendolyn Purdom
Updated Nov 29, 2017 @ 10:20 am

Being the best-worst movie is no easy feat. It takes dedication. It takes misplaced heart. It takes really uncomfortable sex scenes. For a lot of people, cult classic and legendarily so-bad-it’s-good film The Room has held the title for nearly 15 years. With the upcoming release of James Franco’s critically-acclaimed The Disaster Artist — a movie about the making of The Room — a much wider audience is being introduced to the source material.

Cue Honest Trailers giving The Room its signature takedown treatment this week, and us grabbing some popcorn.

The parody trailer captures what made The Room so universally loved and loathed with hilarious attention to detail. For starters, actor/director/writer/producer Tommy Wiseau (Franco just won a Gotham Award for playing him in Disaster Artist) steals the screen, and not in a good way.

The Disaster Artist trailer has Franco’s Wiseau absolutely bombing his lines and the real Wiseau’s performance is just as cringeworthy. Then there’s the movie’s unexplained plotlines, random laughter, disappearing and reappearing characters, cheesy dialogue, and strange lack of editing. Not to mention, a number of super awkward sex scenes get a serious roasting, too.

Inspired by Greg Sestero’s book about working on The Room, The Disaster Artist goes deeper into the backstory of the infamous 2003 project Wiseau mysteriously funded. (Yes, Wiseau attended The Disaster Artist premiere and said he liked it.) But until the movie about the movie hits theaters on December 8th, we’ll have to settle for the Honest Trailers’ priceless collection of The Room‘s greatest (and by greatest, we mean worst) hits.

And honestly, we’re okay with that.