Tyrese Gibson is (Tokyo) miffed with his Fast and Furious co-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and buckle your seatbelt — because this is a very dramatic ride that, IDK, might include some very bad car puns along the way. Let me live, people.

Gibson plays Roman Pearce in the series, the jokester in Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) motley crew of mischiefs. The Rock, meanwhile, plays former Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs, who was the adversary to Dom’s team of car aficionados, but is now part of the family.

Sadly, it appears as if there’s some high-voltage drama with the family offscreen, and this isn’t the first time the cast has been at odds.

The latest beef arrives after news broke that Fast & Furious 9 — which was previously set to be released on April 19th, 2019 — is being pushed back to April 10th, 2020.

Shortly thereafter, The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Rock and Jason Statham’s spinoff — Statham plays another former adversary, Deckard Shaw, in the series — has been set for July 26th, 2019. You know, ahead of Fast & Furious 9.

Maybe the spinoff is a reason for Fast & Furious 9‘s delay, or maybe it’s because the series is reportedly trying to accommodate Justin Lin’s schedule, who might return to direct. In any case, Gibson is angry with The Rock.

And in a series of Instagram posts, Gibson basically blamed The Rock for the ninth film’s delay and for breaking up the Fast family, pointing much of his frustration at the spinoff.

Gibson snarkily congratulated The Rock for making the Fast films all about him.

And promised he would not take the below post down.

Then, Gibson accused The Rock of breaking up the Fast family.

And added that others in the franchise have been offered spinoffs, but they didn’t move forward with those opportunities.

Diesel chimed in at one point, and posted a photo of himself, Gibson, and the late Paul Walker.

With a caption that just read, “Brotherhood…”

THEN, Gibson reposted Diesel’s photo.

Gibson wrote that he’s not in this alone, because #TEAMFAST stick shifts (sorry!) together.

This isn’t the first time that Gibson has called The Rock out on Instagram.

In since-deleted Instagram comments, Gibson pleaded with his co-star to not move forward with his solo film. And in a post that’s still live, Gibson implied that The Rock had emailed him privately — but told him to call instead.

So far, The Rock has yet to publicly respond to Gibson or Diesel’s most recent messages.

But he did call out some of his male co-stars in 2016, referring to them as “candy asses,” among other things.

(There’s a lot more to that feud, but I’m just including a couple of the big moments.)

Diesel later downplayed any tension between he and The Rock.

In April, Diesel told USA Today that he and The Rock are actually quite close and that, “In my house, he’s Uncle Dwayne.” That might have been the case then, but if Diesel’s latest post — combined with those from Gibson — are any indication, there’s definitely trouble in car-idise.

It’s hard to say what’s *REALLY* going on in all this, but here’s the thing: Families fight, and that includes Fast families, so here’s hoping everyone can make up. Because we’re really excited for both Fast & Furious 9 AND The Rock’s spinoff, and we really like the idea of #TEAMFAST thinking of The Rock as “Uncle Dwayne.”