Heather Mason
July 07, 2017 1:42 pm

Who knew that all you had to do to get The Rock riled-up was to compare him to Tom Cruise?! Well, his run. On set for his upcoming movie Rampage, someone compared The Rock’s run to that of Tom Cruise, and he took to Instagram to set the record straight.

During the production of the action-adventure film, a producer apparently told The Rock he was running like Cruise does in his movies. And while many might’ve just moved on, The Rock decided to explain exactly why that wasn’t the case.

And he had a lot of feels. Just, so many feels.

Okay, so The Rock makes some valid points. And he breaks down the differences fairly scientifically.


But let’s conduct an experiment of our own. For, you know, scientific purposes.

Here is Tom Cruise running. (And here’s a supercut for a lot more of his running.):

Burger Fiction / YouTube

Okay, now here’s The Rock running in slow motion. Granted, it’s in the trailer for Baywatch — and not Rampage — but you can already see a ton of differences.

Paramount Pictures

This isn’t an exact science, of course, so we’ll just believe The Rock’s explanation. Sounds pretty legit! After all, as long as he and Cruise are both saving the world one run at a time…