Wes Anderson And Donna Tartt Red Carpet - The 10th Rome Film Fest
Credit: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Film director Wes Anderson is known for his quirky and unique films, and his next movie appears to follow that same mold. The poster for Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is here and we’re excited because: DOGS!!

We don’t know much about Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion animated film Isle of Dogs, other than it’s likely to be pretty unique. According to Hollywood Reporter, Isle of Dogs is “set in Japan” and “follows a boy in search of his dog.” So… yeah, not too many details.

But hey, Wes Anderson + dogs + stop motion = a movie we will 100% see.

A new poster for the movie has just dropped, and it reveals a little bit more information about the film.

Credit: Fox Searchlight

First up, this is an amazing cast! Plenty of Wes Anderson regulars like Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Bob Balaban, and Tilda Swinton. But there are also new names like Koyu Rankin who has yet to appear in a Wes Anderson film.

Clearly, the focus of the poster is the insanely large and talented group of voice actors. But at the bottom, we see a few clues to what we might see in the film. There’s a man with a parachute next to an airplane on a fairly abandoned beach. And most importantly he’s surrounded by dogs. Is he searching for his dog? Is his dog searching for him? Either way, the simplicity of a boy searching for his dog will likely make for a super heartwarming movie.

Isle of Dogs will jump into theaters on April 20, 2018. And hopefully, by then we’ll have more clues as to what we can expect. Until then, just get excited about the adorable stop-motion dogs!