Johnni Macke
Updated Jan 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

The aca-awesome ladies are at it again! The Pitch Perfect women had an “awkward family reunion” and we’re hoping our invite just got lost in the mail.

On Saturday, the Barden Bellas threw one heck of a kickoff party to honor their third film together, which has already begun filming.

While we’ve grown used to seeing the lovely ladies hanging out together all over, including at the Atlanta Falcons game a week ago, this party takes the cake.

“We don’t half-ass a theme party,” Brittany Snow captioned her group photo and yes, it is totally epic. “#PP3 ‘Awkward Family Reunion’ was a success,” she added before introducing us to her so-called awkward family.

So what type of characters make up the a cappella family? For starters, “Martha the cat/crafty cousin,” or as you know her, Anna Kendrick. Next to her is Snow, who was channeling her inner “Drunk cougar Aunt Sharon.”

Our favorites are definitely all of the cousins that made an appearance. There was Brigette who was the more cultured cousin, portrayed by Kelly Jakle and Cindy, who got in a car accident right before the reunion, which Hana Mae Lee dressed as.

Of course you can’t forget “The other Cindy who changed her name to ‘Walter'” which Chrissie Fit dressed up as. The best of the night might actually go to Anna Camp, who was Grandma Murtle, duh. Oh, and Aunt Debbie (dressed like a duck), aka Shelley Regner, also stopped by the photo booth.

Snow, who helped host the shindig wasn’t the only cast member to share photos from the night…thank goodness.

Camp, who is married to Pitch Perfect hottie, Skylar Astin let her hair down as Grandma Murtle throughout the night, and we totally approve.

Although, her original look — and wig — is still one of the best of the night.

Regner later rocked out at the “kids table” in her hilarious ducky costume and we can’t stop laughing.

Seriously, her duck hat is SO great.

Everyone in the cast and crew posted pictures it seems and we are so happy about it.

There were even long-lost family members who’d been in jail that stopped by the party.

Oh, and of course the photo booth was a must for everyone, even cousin Cindy, who broke her nose.

PS: Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries even stopped by the Pitch Perfect party and it’s too much awesomeness to handle.

Which character from the awkward family reunion bash is your favorite?