The Big Sick
Credit: Sarah Shatz / Lionsgate

In The Big Sick, Zoe Kazan plays co-star Kumail Nanjiani’s real-life wife Emily V. Gordon who, along with Nanjiani, wrote the script based on their love story.

Considering the dynamic behind the scenes, Kazan faced some, um, let’s say unique challenges throughout the making of the film.

She added that their days together on set were great and that “the Kumail you see onscreen is very much the person who he is in life.” Also, it was cool for her to have Emily around. “I would always run over to Emily between takes and give her a hug,” which we just love.

But, back to the weirdness: How did Kazan and Nanjiani break through that to feel comfortable as on-screen partners?

So, looks like it was all for the better!

Nanjiani also addressed how he and Kazan established a bond for the film. “Well, we went out for dinner when she auditioned and got the part,” he explained. “We had a great time and it felt like I had known her for a long time and then, we kept in touch — me, Emily, and her — and we became really, really good friends.”

“She’s such a great actress, and we genuinely love hanging out with her,” he continued. “[It’s] very easy. Sometimes you meet people and you’re like, ‘Oh okay, now we’re friends.’ It was like that.” And yes, they remain in touch.

Slight awkwardness at the beginning aside, Kazan, Nanjiani, and Gordon are just way too cute as a trio, and we can’t wait to see The Big Sick, which is now in select theaters.