Trilby Beresford
April 03, 2017 9:25 am
Atomic Monster

We’ve seen plenty of scary movie trailers in our time, but start mentally preparing…because the Annabelle: Creation trailer is here to forever keep you up at night. Seriously. It’s creepy, guys.

Remember Annabelle, the movie from 2014 that ensured you will never look at dolls the same way again (set in the world of The Conjuring)? Well this is the prequel, and even though Annabelle: Creation is one of the horror movies we’ve been looking forward to…we didn’t quite know what to expect. And the unexpected is here to haunt us in the form of demon dolls that rock gently back and forth in rocking chairs and ask for help in dark rooms…

Ready to enter a huge house where some rooms are locked for a reason?

Our thought and feelings about this trailer can be summed up in:

via giphyBut we definitely want to see it, because being scared is always kinda fun, and weirdly makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something.

via giphy

As you can see from the eerie visuals, Annabelle: Creation has a great creative team behind it — from director David F. Sandberg who did Lights Out, to writer Gary Dauberman who wrote the first Annabelle, to the cast, which includes Australian actors Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto.

Yup, we’re on board.

The movie comes out this August, so we’ve got time to get in the mood for a giant boost of anxiety and terror. Maybe we’ll even watch the first Annabelle again…with someone by our side to squeeze in case of emergencies.