Kitty Lindsay
September 10, 2017 5:13 pm

Imagine: Your movie ticket has been scanned. You’ve loaded up on your favorite movie theater snacks (popcorn, Red Vines, and Cherry Coke, ‘natch). You’re all set for a delightfully fright-filled screening of this weekend’s monster hit, Stephen King’s It. The movie has already broken box office records and been promised a Pennywise sequel, so you’re seriously excited. As you open the door to the movie theater’s screening room, you feel your first shiver of air conditioning on full-blast. Ahhh. Feels good. Then you make your way down that short, but shadowy walkway. You round the corner, humming along to the on-screen ad you’ve no doubt seen a thousand times when OH MY SWEET JESUS WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AHHHH!!!

Over the weekend, Twitter user @HG_Hohbes (aka Chris) found himself flying solo at a screening of the newly rebooted Stephen King classic It. But while Chris may have been by himself, he soon discovered he wasn’t alone. A terrifying clown, decked out in white makeup, a grey wig, and holding a single red ballon was waiting… and floating around the theater.

And no, this wasn’t the Alamo Drafthouse clown-only screening of “It.”

Not. Cool.

A little shook, but clearly down for some clown-induced horror (on-screen and IRL), Chris stayed put and saw the film through to the end, even as friend of Pennywise continued to lurk.

But users on Twitter were not nearly as chill with the whole scary-clown-stuff-of-nightmares thing – and they are all of us hearing about this creepy encounter.

For his part, Chris seemed to get a good laugh out of it. Replying to a user who said she’d leave the movie theater, Chris tweeted, “Had a chat to him, he’s actually alright.”

We have so many questions.

But for now, we just can’t handle this. BYEEEEEEEEE!