Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 07, 2016 @ 1:01 pm

Remember that time Taylor Swift announced that her little brother was making the move to stardom? Well, little brother Austin Swift is officially going to be in a film of his own, and we’re *so* excited.

Here’ the inside scoop.

Austin Swift is stepping into the spotlight this coming fall in I.T., a thriller. According to IMDB, I.T. features Pierce Brosnan as Mike Regan, a super rich dude with a smart house. The basic idea of the film is that Pierce’s character is working to defeat the ~evils~ of technology while also fighting a hacker. We’re into it.

The younger Swift — he’s 24 to Taylor’s 26 — is set to play Lance, a friend of Regan’s daughter, in the techie-approved thriller. Because there’s nothing that freaks us out more than a movie about how technology is going to take over our lives. (Ha, like it hasn’t already!)

Set to hit theaters and on demand on September 23rd, the film promises to keep our attention — and cause us to further call into question our relationship with our iPhones.

We totally can’t wait to see Austin stepping into the spotlight. After all, Taylor can’t be the only one in the family with hardcore talent.

Watch the full trailer below!