Briana Hansen
Updated Feb 15, 2017 @ 2:44 pm
harry potter
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Of course it’s only natural that the most famous wizard ever would have his name said a lot. But you don’t realize just how many times you hear “Harry Potter” until you’ve watched this impressive fan-created supercut video.

YouTube user Flater and FoxAndWolf collaborated to create this awesome Harry Potter compilation.

The video begins with the first movie of the eight-part Harry Potter film series. And then it rapid-fire continues through all the films as you hear every “Harry,” “Potter,” and “Harry Potter” while watching the beloved characters grow up right before your eyes. It’s genuine magic.

Flater, who uploaded the video, and his collaborator clearly spent a ton of time on this project. You learn from watching it that there are actually lots of different ways to say the same thing. All the subtle intonations you hear in every delivery remind you that movies are more than just the delightful words. It’s the performances that really tell the story.

Oh, and whenever Dobby shows up, he definitely wins for the most “Harry Potters” in a scene.

And they didn’t just include every time you see someone say some variation of “Harry Potter.” They included every single time you hear the name.

Every. Single. Time.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the video is the fact that it basically tells the entire Harry Potter storyline in a few short minutes. Sure, there are some elements missing. And obviously there are lots of juicy details that are skipped. But true Potterheads will enjoy seeing tons of their favorite moments and lots of their favorite characters in a totally new perspective.

So if you want to feel like you watched the entire beloved magical series again, but don’t have hours to dedicate to it, you can just watch this video. Just know that it will be hard to get the infamous wizard’s name out of your head.