Rebecca Vineyard
August 22, 2016 12:25 pm
New Line Cinema

Warning: Slightly NSFW y’all! 

Modern comedy is filled with awkward, cringe-inducing moments. Some films, like The Forty Year-Old Virgin, are chock full of them, while others have one major, uncomfortable scene.

As shared by Nerdist, Burger Fiction released a new video that takes some of these painful moments from over 30 films and packs them into a ten-minute video that will make you laugh while simultaneously wanting to hide under the covers in bed, forever, and never come out again.

Universal Pictures

Be warned — the video starts off with a lot of crude humor (no real surprises there), featuring masturbation and erection talk in bits from American Pie, Meet the Fockers, and Anchorman.

There are clips from some incredible classics — the Katz’s scene from When Harry Met Sally, for one, as well as a tiny bit of the unparalleled phone call/answering machine moment from Swingers.

However, a lot of the moments are from more modern fare. There’s a small bit (not nearly enough, in our opinion) from Bridesmaids and a moment from Amy Shumer’s Trainwreck. Unsurprisingly, several Judd Apatow films feature prominently. And, we see a lot of shamelessly funny actors like Will Farrell, Ben Stiller, and Steve Carrell.

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You’ll watch the video in horrified fascination, which isn’t surprising- just don’t be surprised if your brain is plagued with visions of uncomfortable dancing, awkward kisses, and cringe-inducing hookups for the rest of the day.

Watch below!