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We always knew that Suicide Squad would be a box office smash hit, but none of us could have ever predicted it would be THIS big. After almost two months in theaters, the movie keeps selling tickets, and that’s even despite a few negative reviews! No worry of that, though, because the film has actually just crossed a milestone, and in doing so, set a beloved Marvel movie back.

Earlier this month, Suicide Squad surpassed another beloved MCU film – Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which resonated far better with critics and grossed $714 million worldwide. Additionally, Suicide Squad’s $731 million surpasses the estimated $700-$730 million the film was expected to make.

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On the one hand, it seems like Suicide Squad is unstoppable: it has cleared a number of hurdles from its inception and, despite being filled with characters that aren’t extremely familiar to non-comic book fan audiences, has managed to do better than films starring some of the MCU’s most iconic characters.

Credit: DC Entertainment, Inc. /

However, the movie won’t be in theaters much longer – its nearly two-month run is, in itself, impressive. So, it might be unlikely that we’ll see it smash any more milestones.

While it would be kind of cool to see just how high Suicide Squad could soar with an unlimited theatrical run, it’s done far better than anyone expected, and that’s certainly a victory. The film has undoubtedly earned its place among the likes of The Dark Knight and Guardians of the Galaxy as one of the 50 top-grossing films of all time domestically.