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The makeup makers, the dreamers of dreams are at it again! The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Storybook Cosmetics palette is in full swing. We got a black and white sneak peek of the eyeshadow shades to come on Storybook’s Instagram. They cleverly covered up the Pantone color numbers/names so that they remain a mystery…for now. It looks like six pans are already filled with delicious test shades.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette is one of the first official collabs coming from Storybook Cosmetics this year. It’s so neat to see books that we loved as kids turn into makeup we love.

It is also super cool that Storybook Cosmetics takes us along for the ride from concept to design.

When we last chatted with Assistant to the Regional Manager (we love The Office reference there), Missy Maynard let us know that there is definitely a Golden Ticket shade in the upcoming palette. We can’t wait to see if it is a matte or glitter shadow. All we know is that we can’t wait to pair it with the Storybook gilded lipstick, Adventure, for a look that is totally extra.

Getting our hands on Storybook products totally feels like finding a Golden Ticket.

We know that there must be some chocolatey browns and Snozzberry hues in there too. Perhaps an icy Fizzy Lifting shade? Oompa Loompa orange? We will just have to wait and see!

The Storybook Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory palette is expected to launch this summer, and we can’t wait!