Meaghan Kirby
Updated Oct 10, 2017 @ 11:18 am
Star wars
Credit: Lucasfilm

Last night, Lucasfilm released the latest trailer for The Last Jediduring Monday Night Football and safe to say that our jaws are still on the floor. The two and a half minute trailer was so stunning, the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings both changed their mascot to Porg to commemorate the monumental occasion.

Okay, while technically that’s a bit of an overstatement, the two and a half minute trailer is wild with The Force.

It seems we saw a newly scarred Kylo Ren trying to take down his mom, General Leia Organa; the power of The Force causing a rift between Rey and Luke; Chewbacca and a Porg flying the Millennium Falcon; Poe ready to take action against the First Order; Finn taking on his former boss, and excuse me? IS REY GOING OVER TO THE DARK SIDE?

This is an actual photo of the internet watching The Last Jedi trailer:

Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s been five months since the last teaser was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration in April, and fans have been patiently anticipating for new footage for a while. The bar was high. But naturally, Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi team blew our expectations out of the water.

And, of course, Twitter immediately went into meltdown mode:




Only 65 more days to go (not that we’re counting or anything).