Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s perhaps one of the most iconic things about the Star Wars franchise: The opening crawl. The text has been a feature of all seven films, dating back to the premiere of A New Hope in 1977. However, the crawl isn’t a part of the anthology films, including Rogue One and apparently the designer of the Star Wars opening crawl isn’t *too* pleased with this omission.

When news broke that Rogue One is missing that iconic Star Wars opening, people lost their minds. Now, the reviews of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are in. Turns out, people loved the film even without that iconic title crawl.

TBH, we get why there’s no opening crawl. Rogue One is an important film, context-wise, but it isn’t one of the “saga” films (Which means, the films that basically center around the Skywalker lineage).

However, title designer Dan Perri doesn’t see it that way.

Perri spent ages creating the crawl for the original film in 1977. He, for one, is not pleased about the lack of the title crawl in Rogue One.

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “Frankly, it is a huge mistake, because the image is so iconic and it’s so important to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of fans. I couldn’t imagine it starting without that. It’s foolish.” [/quote]

Okay, we get that it’s important, but it *does* sound like Perri is talking this personally. And, sure, pleasing fans is important. However, he may not have realized how many fans there would be. In fact, Perri was one of the many people involved with the film who didn’t think much of it. “I had no idea what he was doing, so it was just this stupid space film. I didn’t think anything of it.”

Oh. Okay. So, Perri himself isn’t a fan of Star Wars. In fact, he probably won’t see Rogue One anyway. And, while he did contribute a vital part of the original film, many actual fans are loving Rogue One. Maybe, if Perri saw it, he’d be on board with the change, too…?