When you watch a Star Wars trailer, you come for Rey and Finn and Poe, but you stay for the Porgs (I guess?). Porgs are clearly THE new thing in the galaxy far, far away, and it sure appears that at least one of them is going to be front and center when The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15th. That’s fine, because the Porgs do look cute and cuddly, and I will probably put at least three Porg things on my 2017 Christmas list this year.

However, they’re not the brand new Star Wars character I’m eager to get to know. While the latest (and, quite possibly, last) Last Jedi trailer dives way more into the plot, it noticeably leaves out one brand new character:

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, aka Emmy-winner Space Laura Dern.

Credit: Star Wars

Not much is known abut Dern’s Holdo — besides the fact that she has millennial pinkish-purple hair and while on set, Dern made her own blaster noises — and it sure looks like it’s going to stay that way. WHICH IS A SHAME. Because maybe the best Christmas gift I’ll get this year is the gift of Space Laura Dern. Because like, come on friends, can you even IMAGINE how great this is going to be? You probably can’t imagine, because it’s going to be that good. Someone (ahem, Rian Johnson) gave Dern a blaster, and fun hair, and put her on an alien planet in Star Wars. What a time to be alive.

Space Dern will be the gift that keeps on giving. Now if only we could see her. At least the good news is that Last Jedi is only 65 days away.