Star Wars
Credit: Lucasfilm

We’re about to take a deep dive into Jedi history with a new fan theory about who the Last Jedi is and it is going to make you cringe. Okay, here we go! The most popular theory since The Last Jedi was announced as the title of the upcoming Star Wars film, is that Luke Skywalker is in fact that Last Jedi.

After all, it is implied in the opening crawl of The Force Awakens:

But last week, Mark Hamill gave an interview saying there are other possibilities for who the last Jedi could be, namely Rey or Leia or maybe even some unknown Skywalker we’ve yet to meet (you know, another…another). Sure! Why not?

Now we have this strangely brilliant Reddit theory tied back to the history of the Jedi — a very ancient history. And you probably won’t like who they’re suggesting. Here’s what user AnakinKardashian (great name btw!) thinks:

Okay, we’re listening. Luke does go looking for the original Jedi temple. So clearly there’s a reason why. Could it be that he’s looking for clues for how to defeat an ancient Jedi…the last Jedi? But, who?

Noooooo. This can’t be. Could the evil Supreme Leader Snoke in fact be an ancient Jedi? After all, Jedi have turned evil in the past. It isn’t unheard of. As AnakinKardashian continues:

Is there anything that we really know for sure anymore? It’s probably still fairly likely that Luke is the Last Jedi, but this theory kinda makes total sense. Sigh. We truly won’t know who The Last Jedi is until December 15th but coming up with theories is pretty fun in the meantime.