Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 10, 2017 @ 3:10 pm

Take a deep breath, because you’re going to need it for the screams you’re about to let out. The latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here, and it is one hell of a trip. With only 65 days to go before the movie lands in theaters, we have only 65 days to wrap our heads around what happens in the closing moments of the trailer:

It looks like Rey turns to the Dark Side.

The idea of Rey turning to the Dark Side is nothing new, as it has been discussed at length for likethe last two years. The Force Awakens very subtly hinted at the fact that maybe Rey isn’t going to be what the Force needs to fix it once and for all — she, like many others, feels a pull to the Dark Side. While being held captive on Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren senses that Rey is powerful, and later suggests that she join him. She needs a teacher, and after having just killed his father, he’s well on his way to going full-dark. It’s one of those, “Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son Kylo Ren and Rey.”

But Rey still has so much good in her, and she defeats Kylo, finds MIA Luke Skywalker, and presents him with his long-lost lightsaber. As we’ve seen in the trailers to date, Luke is not happy to find Rey on his doorstep, and it appears that while he does train her, he’s not super thrilled about it.

Having an unwilling Jedi Master is certainly one major thing that could turn someone to the Dark Side.

While we don’t know the events that lead up to the closing moments of the Last Jedi trailer, it’s pretty clear what’s going on. Rey, frustrated with her situation — and as she says, her “place in all of this” — comes face to face with Kylo. Instead of beating the shit out of him (like she did last time), it appears she confesses her doubt to him. This gives him the opportunity to do THIS:

Credit: Lucasfilm

What. The. Hell.

The trailer might actually hint at this huge switcharoo from the very beginning. Through a voiceover, an ominous Snoke hisses: “When I found you, I saw raw untamed power. And beyond that, something truly special.” We’re meant to assume he’s talking about Kylo — his current apprentice — but is he actually talking about Rey? Did Snoke find Rey, and that’s why she was hidden away on Jakku in the first place? Has she always been destined to go Dark after being marked by Snoke as a child?

We know that Luke is the last Jedi, and he might really be the last Jedi if Rey gives into her anger and joins Kylo and Snoke. But she wouldn’t, would she? She won’t. She can’t…right?

Okay, well try and rest your voice now and then, and have fun screaming for the next 65 days.