Oh wow, you thought BB-8 was cute, and have spent the last two years buying all the BB-8 merchandise you could find? Well, hold onto your X-Wing helmets and wallets, because Star Wars has just unveiled the latest droid in the galaxy. Think of him as, like, BB’8’s evil twin brother — because he looks exactly like that, and is actually evil, and this is too much for my heart to handle.

Ahead of Force Friday — the day when all the new Star Wars merchandise drops onto shelves — Lucasfilm has revealed that The Last Jedi will feature a new droid who is anything but lovable, because he’s actually part of the First Order. Say hello to everyone’s MUST HAVE for the holiday season and also, life:


Credit: Sphero

While not too many details are known about this new droid — because, if you can believe it, we’re 105 days away from The Last Jedi and we don’t even have a FULL TRAILER — from his aesthetic, we know he’s probably good friends with Kylo Ren and his buddies. During a Force Friday toy demonstration on the Disney Lot, it was explained to me that our boy BB-8 will actually “run away” from BB-9E.

Excuse me while I run at him, because omg, I will not rest until I own everything BB-9E.

Sphero has released a short video showing off their current BB-8 device, along with the brand new R2-D2 unit. BB-9E has a cameo in it, and from what we can gather, he is a moody, brooding droid. Clearly, someone gave into their anger and turned to the Dark Side.

Just like when BB-8 was first revealed, BB-9E pandemonium is already very real:


Also, fun fact, around the Last Jedi set he was known as “BB-H8,” and should I get that tattoo? false

Be prepared for the inevitable BB-9E overload, but listen, when he’s THAT CUTE, we can’t help it.