It’s not often that a Star Wars actor takes time out of their day to address a fan theory head on, but John Boyega is going there. You know how the last two years we’ve spent countless waking moments theorizing (read: obsessing) about Rey’s mysterious parentage in Star Wars? Well, Boyega has basically heard every Rey fan theory, and he’s singled out one — not because it’s good, but because he desperately needs us to stop bringing it up.

Just what theory is he pleading with us to forget? That Rey is Rey Kenobi.

Over the weekend at the Star Wars junket in Los Angeles, Boyega — and the rest of the Star Wars cast, tbh — found himself on the receiving end of many different theories, some of them good, some of them bad. And let’s be real, most of them about Rey’s parents. During one interview, Boyega was asked if it was intentional that he used an American accent, while Daisy Ridley kept her British one while filming. Might it hint that Rey’s ancestors also had that same accent…like Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Well first off, Boyega isn’t really sure who exactly made the decision for him to have an American accent. And second, he doesn’t want anyone to be hung up on the accents when it comes to family lineage. When Obi-Wan is brought up, Boyega is quick to cut off the interviewer.

The quote comes at the 12:03 mark:

Hmm. Interesting. He seems pretty passionate with his brief explanation that Rey is not a Kenobi, and we’re inclined to believe him. BUT, is he looking straight at us, begging us to give up this theory, because it’s actually true?? If so, we’re on to you Boyega. Put “Rey is a Kenobi” back up on the big theory board.