Rachel Paige
Updated February 16, 2017 9:56 am

Earlier today, Disney announced that they’re once again planning a big Star Wars merchandise drop for the second ever Force Friday event later this year. On September 1st, ALL the Star Wars things will drop onto shelves, and while that notion is exciting enough as it is, that’s not why we’re totally pumped right now. Along with the announcement, the packaging for The Last Jedi was revealed, and our lady Rey has a brand new look.

She is also front and center on all the packaging, and excuse us while we climb to the top of the tallest mountain in our vicinity and scream YASSSSSS for all the land to hear.

Once upon a time, before Force Awakens was released in theaters, the toys appeared on shelves and Rey was suspiciously absent from many, many Star Wars things. It was later revealed that this was intentional, as to keep her big ~twist~ (Rey is Force sensitive!) under wraps as long as possible. But then we were all like “WTF, what do you MEAN Rey’s absent from many toys, she is literally the main character?”

It was a lil’ bit of a struggle, but it was quickly rectified and now there are many, many Rey toys out there and all’s well that ends well.

It’s clear that Lucasfilm and Disney heard our cries, and for The Last Jedi, there’s no question as to where Rey is, or even if she’s the main character. She is front and center, and SHE’S RIGHT HERE!


Disney, HelloGiggles

(I added in the fireworks to show you how excited I am about this.)

This package reveal also shows us a new look for Rey. While we’re still trying very hard to imitate her three-pony-tail hairstyle from Force Awakens (one day we’ll get it) it appears that for Last Jedi her hair is down, but still neatly pulled back off her face, because you can’t have your hair in your face if you’re fighting the First Order (unless you’re Kylo Ren, and that emo look is part of your style).


Honestly, this is the most beautiful thing we’ll see today. Rey, holding Luke’s lightsaber like she was BORN to hold this lightsaber. Can’t wait to see who/what she’s going to fight with it in 301 days.