Rachel Paige
December 19, 2016 2:30 pm
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Have you ever dreamed of making your own Star Wars movie? It’s a dream that many of us have had throughout life — both as young kids playing with toys, and as adults gazing fondly at childhood Star Wars toys you *probably* still have on your desk. The crazy thing is that now, making your own Star Wars movie isn’t such a farfetched idea, considering that that epic galaxy far, far away continues to expand and take us in brand new exciting directions. Those who grew up watching Star Wars are now making Star Wars movies (looking at you, Rogue One director, Gareth Edwards).

And you know what that means? Many of us  might get the chance one day have a hand in bringing one of these movies to life. And that reality is a lot closer than you might think.

Over the weekend, millions of people flocked to the theaters to catch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the latest installment in this sprawling space saga. One theater — specifically one in San Francisco, California — had roughly a dozen Star Wars fans in the theater who were seeing the movie for a completely different reason: Yes, it was because they love Star Wars, but also because they had made their own Star Wars shorts for the #GoRogue contest, and won the chance to see Rogue One early at Lucasfilm headquarters.


If that’s not the Star Wars dream, IDK what is.

Launched back in September (along with all the awesome Rogue One toys), Disney and Star Wars’ #GoRogue contest challenged aspiring filmmakers — both young and young at heart — to create their own short Star Wars story.

A few months, and a lot of Star Wars movie magic later, seven lucky winners of all different ages and from all over the WORLD were chosen and received the total VIP treatment. They were not only flown into San Francisco, but also given a tour of Lucasfilm and Rancho Obi-Wan (where all the really cool Star Wars toys are kept). And, even more impressive, their winning Star Wars videos were shown up on the big screen and then everyone got to see Rogue One early. All because they set out to add their own little touch to the Star Wars saga.

L-R: Winners Ian from Indiana, Robin from Malaysia, and Luke from Ontario, Canada.

The contest winners were chosen by a panel of judges, that included Rogue One’s director, Gareth Edwards, and that awesomeness was not lost on the group.

L-R: Winners Doug from New Zealand, Joel and Justin from Oregon, and Jose from Mexico.

As for what they then all thought of Rogue One — no spoilers! — but the reviews were glowing.

He’s talking about Rogue One, but he also might be talking about his #GoRogue experience, too.

Since you’ve already seen Rogue One in theaters by now (YOU HAVE, RIGHT?) head over to StarWars.com to check out all the winning videos. The Force is very strong with them.