Rachel Paige
August 31, 2017 10:23 am

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Force Friday! Once again, Disney and Lucasfilm are teaming up to drop so many wonderful new products, things, and experiences ahead of the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Better go ahead and get your wallets and credit cards ready now, because over the next four days you’re going to give them a pretty intense workout. 

While the technology to own a real, working lightsaber is still a few lightyears away (…probably), the next best thing is here. If you’ve ever wanted to have a lifelike lightsaber battle of your own, and defend the Rebels and/or Resistance as best you can, the time is now — and you can do it without even leaving your house. A lightsaber augmented reality experience is here, and just take all my money.

Disney has partnered up with Lenovo to release Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Want to feel like you’re going up against Kylo Ren? It’s possible. Using your smartphone, an augmented reality headset (which your iPhone fits into), a tracking beacon, and lightsaber controller the power of the Force is in your hands.

The gameplay for the challenges has three different features: The actual lightsaber battles, which get progressively harder as you get STRONGER; strategic combat, where you command your own fleet across your living room floor; and Holochess — yes, that Holochess which you can finally play for real 40 years later.


You can preorder Jedi Challenges starting on Friday right here, or pick it up at Best Buy stores across the country this fall.

(And you know what, I just have to tell you I tried this out, and it was literally the best thing in the entire world. Every home in America — heck, THE WORLD should have one of these.)