Gwendolyn Purdom
Updated Dec 08, 2017 @ 4:26 pm
star trek patrick stewart
Credit: Photo by CBS via Getty Images

We didn’t think it was possible for Sir Patrick Stewart to get any more lovable than when he melted into a puddle over his foster pit bull earlier this year, but we were wrong. Stewart’s found another way to our hearts and it has to do with the Star Trek movie that may be in the works from J.J. Abrams and Quentin Tarantino. If the project moves forward, Patrick Stewart is totally in to play Jean-Luc Picard.

We’re totally demanding that the casting director MAKE IT SO.

Stewart expressed his interest in reviving his famous role while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the Dubai International Film Festival where he was being honored with an award. People often ask him whether he’d consider bringing back his Star Trek character, Stewart said, but it wasn’t until he heard Tarantino might be involved with a new Star Trek movie that he ever actually gave the possibility some serious thought:

Stewart would need to be cool with a significantly more adult version of the Star Trek franchise than the one he acted in in the ’80s and ’90s if he were to join the project. Tarantino has reportedly required that his Star Trek movie be rated R, because, well, he’s Quentin Tarantino. But we have a feeling Stewart, being a Tarantino superfan, would be down.

As both Abrams and Tarantino are busy working on other big movies at the moment — Abrams on another chapter of the Star Wars saga, Tarantino on a project about the Manson murders, both set to release in 2019 — it could be a while before this rumored Star Trek collaboration boldly goes where no Star Trek movie has gone before. If we’re lucky, Stewart throwing his name into the revival ring will warp-speed up the process.