Credit: Paramount Pictures

It’s been almost a year since Star Trek Beyond hit theaters and we are all in for the next film. But it turns out that star Zachary Quinto isn’t even 100% sure Star Trek 4 is happening. So should we start getting worried? The good news is that Zachary is hoping for Spock to return. Beam him into Star Trek 4, please!

It’s seemed like full steam ahead for Star Trek 4 (AND with more Chris Hemsworth!!) but we haven’t heard much about the film in awhile. It seems that a script is underway, but without it completed, there’s still a chance it might not happen.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

This is what Spock himself Zachary Quinto told The Today Show:

Ok, Zach, but what does that really mean?! “No guarantee” sounds kinda scary to Trek fans. And yes, there’s a TV series coming, but what’s the future of the films? Recently Chris Pine was also asked about the possibility of Star Trek 4:

So it looks like everyone is on board. Let’s make this happen. Can one of you put in a word to J.J. for Chris Pine?