Rebecca Vineyard
Updated September 16, 2016 8:28 am

If you’ve wanted to watch Deadpool and Spider-Man bond in film, look no further than this fantastic mashup by YouTuber Zach Ace. Even though the pair of smart-mouthed superheroes haven’t always gotten along in the comics, there is a friendship there — one that, alas, we probably won’t see on screen any time soon.


Fox owns the film rights to Deadpool, as well as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, meaning that a deal would have to be hammered out in order for the character to appear in a Marvel production.

Of course, that’s totally possible! Just think about how how Spider-Man, whose film rights belong to Sony, came to be in Captain America: Civil War, after all!! We’re all superhero friend shere, so we can make it work. And speaking of Spidey, seeing such a young, impressionable Peter Parker interact with Ryan Reynold’s take on the Merc with a Mouth would be super interesting.

Luckily, a moment like this exists!! Clocking in at only 45 seconds, it only gives us a taste of delectable mashup goodness, and we need so much more. In it, Spider-Man fights Captain America, then jumps onto a large vehicle – where Deadpool happens to be sitting, drawing a picture of himself embracing Spidey. Awww.

Using audio from Deadpool and Civil War, Ace lets the pair introduce themselves to one another, before Spider-Man swings off to rejoin the battle.

The mashup even caught the attention of Reynolds himself, who shared the piece with the simple comment “This happened.” Which, we think, understates the glorious nature of the mashup, but that’s just our opinion.

Maybe these two will come face to face at some point. Reynolds has expressed the desire for Deadpool and Spider-Man to meet, and once said in a Twitter Q&A, “I could definitely imagine doing something with Spider-Man at some point.”

For now, though, this mashup is all we’ve got if we want to see Tom Holland’s adorable Spidey meet Reynold’s Deadpool — so we’re going to watch it a few (hundred) more times.